Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Terrible New Discovery

I discovered rather recently how much I enjoy crunching on delicious chips. Chips such as Kettle Chips brand salt & pepper ripple chips. Each chip is like a meal. They are very thick, crunchy and deliciously salty and peppery. They are therefore deeply evil, as they are not the best snack to eat for those trying to watch their 5"6 figure but not watching very hard.

Chip bags! Check them out! Crazy times! The top bag: I can't decide which one is me. Far left is too insane. Middle seems too drab. Right is drabber. Actually I guess I'd probs be the lady in the middle. Double denim. Also, it's definitely worth a click on the top pic for a close-up view. Ladies, you can learn some things from these Homegirls... !

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