Saturday, February 28, 2009

NUTTY CLUB: the sequel

NUTTY CLUB: Where Nuts and Candies hang out, "famous for quality"

a fantastic photo of Nutty Club HQ by Winnipeg artist photographer Bryan Scott

A small but forgivable typing error in my favorite cupcakes sprinkles, above!

scrumptious seafood sauce? i think yes! don't forget to "bien agiter"

midgets across canada rejoice: a mix just for you, and your friends, friends like me!

So I've been into Nutty Club and its jazzy packaging for years now. Nutty Club is stuck in a bygone era, one that makes me want to continue to buy their Sprinkles, Trimettes and ju-jube Midget Mix. A look and feel that makes me continue to search for their products in mini towns in Canada and British Columbia, and seek their products on grocery store shelves. Nutty Club has never changed their wonderful branding. Candy-stripes, designed-in-the-1950s font, a Candy Man with a "Hello my darlin' Hello my baby" vibe. Wonderful, just wonderful! If they ever re-brand I may as well hang up my baking apron.

Monday, February 16, 2009


The third installment in the popular "Hamburger Cake" series, this episode features Hamburger Cake getting all dressed up with one place to go: a 30th birthday party! Enjoying once again its chocolate ganache filling and various coloured buttercream frostings, a new addition to "Hamburger Cake 3: Vengeance" is its jumbo confetti sprinkles affixed with buttercream, used to emulate a sesame seed bun. As Rich Trawick noted, "Another Jack-In-The-Box-style hamburger cake with the flat top sourdough bun!" Right he is! 

Critics rate "Hamburger Cake 3: Vengeance" with a healthy "two thumbs up" for deliciousness factor, cuteness factor and hamburger-likeness, and likeability.

Stay tuned, mega fans,  for the next episode in the ever-popular "Hamburger Cake" series...!

Also, from the makers of "Hamburger Cake" comes the future production of... "HOT DOG CAKE"... stay tuned... coming in 2009 to a party near you! 

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I made this for my dad's 64th birthday!!
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