Thursday, January 28, 2010

Food Comedy, Food Amazement

It's "Xtreme Wild Berry Jello" Hello Kitty! Made for a bento box!

Heehee! Original image from Flickr, here.

Salmon mousse with cukes! incredible! love it so much! from Flickr, here.

Eeeheehee! I can't get over how cute and cool this picture is!! Heehee!

this is PURE INSANITY. a Jello mold found at an Asian grocery store... pic from here.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cat Cakes

Oh, the comedy and the hilarity of cat themed cakes. There's some crazy ones out there! I made this one a while back, Harold the cat...

Harold The Cat Cake!!

my little buddy Harold the cat, based on a real cat...

Separated At Birth?

Separated at birth! Or separated by a computer printer!

This little black and white kitty cracks me up so hard... Great cake and great cat...

This is soooo grody too yet fascinating: THE CAT LITTER CAKE. Made from cake, tootsie rolls, crunched up crackery things... ugh so sick. Here is a link to the recipe and how-to. In case you want to gross yourself out super hard by eating "cake" out of a litter box.
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