Monday, February 16, 2009


The third installment in the popular "Hamburger Cake" series, this episode features Hamburger Cake getting all dressed up with one place to go: a 30th birthday party! Enjoying once again its chocolate ganache filling and various coloured buttercream frostings, a new addition to "Hamburger Cake 3: Vengeance" is its jumbo confetti sprinkles affixed with buttercream, used to emulate a sesame seed bun. As Rich Trawick noted, "Another Jack-In-The-Box-style hamburger cake with the flat top sourdough bun!" Right he is! 

Critics rate "Hamburger Cake 3: Vengeance" with a healthy "two thumbs up" for deliciousness factor, cuteness factor and hamburger-likeness, and likeability.

Stay tuned, mega fans,  for the next episode in the ever-popular "Hamburger Cake" series...!

Also, from the makers of "Hamburger Cake" comes the future production of... "HOT DOG CAKE"... stay tuned... coming in 2009 to a party near you! 

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